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Here is my view on NASS 04 (sort of like a diary) ...

The National Adventure Sports Show is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year and to many people it is simply the best event of the year. This year was my first visit to Shepton Mallet and I finally got to see what all of the fuss is about. This was going to be even better because it was an X-Games Qualifier, which meant that some of the top pros in the world would be battling it out for the last spot in Inline Vert. The Yasutoko Brothers were already confirmed but for weeks rumours about who else would turn up had been flying around; people like Marc Englehart, Borja Fernandez, Beni Huber or even Taig Khris.




I arrived on the Friday in the afternoon, after a horrendously long and boring, and got my skates on straight away. (Big thanks first to Mike and Penny for taking me and to Emma because without here I wouldn’t of had an athletes pass and Callum because I used his tent!) It had just started raining so I headed to the street course for a skate. But after a while I got bored so went and set up my tent. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t getting any better so skating Vert was out of the question. Later that day I met up with Rich and Alex and was really surprised to find that both of our tents were right next to each other! We headed back to the tent and Alex (and Rich) gave me a few Lamb kebabs!!! Which was great beause I was starving!




The next morning I was up around 7.00 and went to see if the Vert had recovered from Friday’s downpour. It was almost dry so I grabbed breakfast before helping Rich and Alex to dry the ramp off. It wasn’t long before we started sessioning. The ramp wasn’t perfect, it had a few kinks and that but I still thought it was good. After a while of doing airs I did a stuck and eggplant 540 and a cab bio. I was pretty pleased with myself as I haven’t landed them on another ramp apart from Y2SK8. Rich and Alex were throwing down their usual arsenal of tricks. The session lasted until we were thrown off the ramp because of a Mat Hoffman Demo. I milled around until 1 o’clock until the proper practice. The Yasutokos had shown up along with Marc Englehart; it was time for some really amazing skating. (This was the first time I’d seen a non-English pro in real life). While the Yasutoko’s warmed up the rest of us (Rich, Alex, etc.) started skating like we did earlier. Then Englehart dropped in. His airs soared above head height and he started throwing down his signature tricks. Crawford Flatspin 540. 1080 to Fakie 900. Plus some new tricks like Flatspin 900, 540 to late Rocket. Marc was on fire despite the ramp being so ‘small’. The Yasutoko’s were next in. In word ... HIGH. One of the scariest moments was when Takeshi did his first Viking Flip (about 10 feet high) and nearly hit his face on the coping. Then he started doing McTwist 900s and just to rub salt in to the wound he added a Lui Kang!!! On one attempt he clipped the coping and sent a section of a panel flying. It was around then that the sky opened and it started raining. Luckily it was a quick shower and after a while the skating continued! Takeshi, Eito and Marc were the stars of the show and it was pretty funny after they dropped in because no one else would! Like all good things though the practice came to an end because of another BMX Demo thing. Yet again I milled around and eventually went skating (again) but this time with Borja Fernandez. He was destroying the coping with some seriously tech tricks and after seeing his cab bio 900 I know what trick I want to learn next!. After even more milling (this made up a lot of the weekend) I ended up back at my tent hanging out with Rich, Alex, Borja Fernandez and Borja’s friend! That’s about all we did because we didn’t skate as we were going to do the Kings of Vert at 10.00 but it got cancelled at the last minute because of rain! Although there was a very funny sumo wrestling competition.




Finally the day of the comp arrived! I’ll skip practice and go straight to the man event (oh yeah, Adam Davidson had turned up for the finals). Each skater got three runs and obviously the best run counted! Adam was first on the list and had a good run with some high airs, flatspin 540 but fell apart on his lip tricks. Next up was Rich who had a great run with a 900, Mctwist, Flatspin 540, 540, high airs as well as natural and switch eggplant Mctwists! Then came to Alex who skated ok but could have done better, falling early in his run. The pros were next and Borja didn’t disappoint, started with a backside royale and then an assault of spins and technical lip tricks. Marc Englehart had an amazing first run sticking all of his tricks; 540 to late rocket, flatspin 900, 900, Crawford Flatspin 540, 1080, Fakie 900 and a good selection of lips tricks (pornstar to top soul). It was clear that he would take the lead but most people didn’t expect it to last long because Takeshi dropped in next. But it didn’t last long because he fell on a massive air; it was one of the biggest shocks of the day. Eito was suppost to be next but refused to drop in because of the wind and after a while of jeering up the crowd he dropped in and laid down a bag full of hammers – California Roll 1080, Double Backflip, Double Backflip 180, Double Flatspin, Lui Kang Flatspin 720. He was now clearly in the lead. Adam had the impossible task of trying to follow up Eito’s stellar run. He did it well throwing a Viking Flip, Corkscrew 900, Inverted 720, Cab Bio, Backflip and some excellent grinds; Rich came out and skated really well again with similar tricks to his first run; and Alex was plagued with the same inconsistency of his first run. Borja stepped it up in his second run going for a cab bio 1260 and almost rolled away from it … sick!!!! Marc fell in his second run as did Takeshi trying to link a Viking Flip straight into a Double Flatspin. Even Eito fell on his California Roll 1080. The third runs came quickly after the short runs of the second round. Adam and Rich showed off runs that were equally as good as the second with similar tricks. Unfortunately Alex fell again but in the end he did stick a cool half-cab soul to topsoul! Borja stepped it up in his final run, starting off fakie with a zerospin backside royale and then yet more spins and almost rolling away from his fakie 1260. Marc also fell but this time on his normal 900. Once again Takeshi fell trying to link his Viking into a Double Flatspin. Eito put his last run behind him and pulled out a run that was even better than his first!!! In the end the results were:


  1. Eito Yasutoko
  2. Marc Englehart
  3. Borja Fernandez
  4. Rich Parker
  5. Takeshi Yasutoko
  6. Adam Davidsn
  7. Alex Eastwood


Overall NASS 04 was great and I cant wait till next year!



Eito Yasutoko, California Roll 1080

Alex Eastwood, High Air

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